Supply List – Acrylic


These are  suggested materials.   Use the materials that work best for you.

BRUSHES:   Any bristle brush.   Some I use are a 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/2″.   I also use any hardware variety natural hair paint brush, these often cost $1 to $2 a brush.      

PALETTE:  Currently I am using paper and Styrofoam plates.   Also, like to paint on a 4 mil piece of plastic as it is easy to reuse the dried acrylic in collages.  Acrylic skins.

PIGMENTS:   Good quality paints are easier to paint paintings.   More pigment, less filler. Dick Blick has a professional grade, so does Cheap Joe’s.   Liquitex is a good brand; their cheaper paints are “Basics”. I use Basic Cadimium Yellow Medium to paint a ground color over the Gesso Paint.    Golden Paints, Da Vinci, Holbein are superior grades. Buy wholesale with NOVA Paints; check them out online. Listed are some of the colors I have.   I like to have the brightest and most intense colors in each of the primaries. Buy the colors you like.

GESSO:  Dick Blick Professional.  Very Thick. Love it.

Titanium White,  I also use the professional gesso as it has a lot of titanium white.      

Aureolin Hue

Quinacridone Red.  Opera

Cadmium Red, Yellow Lt

Cobalt Blue, Turquoise or Teal

Ultramarine Blue,  Cerulean Blue

Quin. Burnt Orange, Quin Gold

Burnt Sienna,  Yellow Ochre

Diarylide Yellow, Gamboge Hue

Leaf Green, Hookers Green,  Phthalo Green

Black Gesso,  or other Blacks, ie:  Carbon Black.

PAINTING SURFACE:   Canvas, Masonite panel, or watercolor paper.   For the class I recommend 140# or 300# watercolor paper.   Cut the paper to the size you want. For instance, 8×10″, 9X12″, 16×20″.   These sizes fit standard frames. Add gesso to the surface before coming. Next add a good coat of a warm color.   I use Cad. Yellow Medium as it makes a great color base for the projects.

COLLAGE GLUE:   Polymer gloss or matt acrylic medium is good.   My favorite is a heavy gel medium.