Supply List – Watercolors

This is a suggested list.   It is a good idea to have at a minimum a warm and a cool color of each of the primaries.  Some professional brands are: Holbein, Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith and AMERICAN JOURNEY. Jack likes to use American Journey professional paints and are reasonably priced.   These are sold by Cheap Joe’s,  (Tel:  1-800-227-2788)   Please do not think that you need to buy new materials.   Your regular choice of colors and instruments are acceptable.  


Andrews Turquoise                                 Naples Yellow

Manganese Blue                                     Sour Lemon

Cerulean Blue                                          New Gamboge

Cobalt Blue                                               Raw Sienna

Ultramarine Blue                                       Burnt Sienna

Joe’s Blue (Thalo, Peacock)                     Quinacridone gold

Prussian Blue


Halloween Orange                                     Spring Green (or Skips Green)

Red Hot Mamma (Scarlet Lake)                 Sap Green

Fire Engine red (Cadmium  Red) Hookers Green Dark

Wild Fuscia (Opera)                                    Midnight Blue

Rose Madder                                              Titanium White

Alizarin Crimson

Palette.  Webb palette (available from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff). Other popular palettes are: John Pike, Robert E. Wood, Skip Lawrence or Cheap Joe.    Butcher tray works well too. Any palette that has a large mixing surface.


Paper:  140# cold press such as Arches, Artistico, Gemini (made by Strathmore) or Waterford.    Please do not bring student grade paper!


Brushes:  Good quality natural or synthetic will do.  I like Robert Simmons white sable. Rounds 4, 8, 12.  Flats ½” 1”. A favorite is R. Simmons is #36 Goliath 789 (great for larger works)   I like the Webb Liner (Rigger) in sizes 8 and 12. (Cheap Joe)


Paper Support:   Gator Board is lightweight, waterproof, accepts staples or tape, and will last a long time.  If you don’t have Gatorboard, feel free to bring whatever support you normally use. I use Masonite boards cut to size and also use ⅛” plexiglass for support (ACE Hardware)  Cut these to the size you would like to use ie: full sheet 15X22”, half sheet 11X15” or quarter size sheet 7.5X11. My supports are 1” larger than the paper size.


Miscellaneous: Four bulldog clips, a cellulose sponge and paper towels.  Viva are the best. Sketchbook, 70# or heavier…8X11” is a good size. Kleenex Tissue (no lotion)  Old toothbrush. Small bucket or large container for water. Hair dryer, Masking Tape, Pencils 2B, 6B,  Ebony

Questions:   Tel: (256) 477-5001